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NIKE (Nike)'s bubble series of basketball shoes, since its introduction in 1997, exaggerated gorgeous Foamposite foam material upper shape and a variety of new technologies, blessed by many shoe friends of all ages. Later, the introduction of a variety of color schemes, have also received everyone's attention. Now, the black and red classic color bubble Air Foamposite Pro "University Red", will be launched on April 16, it is reported that the sale price of 230 US dollars (about 1487 yuan). Air Foamposite Pro "University Red" is presented in a blood-red ice cracked textured upper with signature black Swoosh hooks. The collar, tongue and sole are rendered in black. jordan 3 katrina 2018 The classic black and red color scheme is impressive, and the most attractive is the blood-colored foamed upper, which is unusually fascinating and bloody. In terms of function, the one-piece upper is equipped with an inner boot design, so that the fit of the pair of shoes will improve with your wearing. In the midsole, a full-size Zoom Air cushion and a large piece of carbon fiber support plate at the arch are used. Excellent cushioning and stability. At present, the blood bubbles are of a high degree of concern and students who like the bubble series must not miss it. It is reported that Xuepao will also be sold in China, but the official did not disclose specific sales information. NIKE Air Foamposite Pro "University Red" Basketball Shoes
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